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 5/5/2019  Mozilla to Create its own Mobile OS using Android Foundation

Cornell, IL

Sanction NBHA BBR

Mozilla has undertaken a new project called the Boot to Gecko (B2G) in their bid to create Firefox for Android users. With this new project, Mozilla will use a foundation from Android and create an operating system for the web, which utilizes Gecko, HTML5 rendering engine of Firefox for get ios app reviews. If you thought that is going to be very similar to Motorola Motoblur and HTC Sense, then perhaps you are wrong. Instead of making feature and cosmetic changes, B2G will overhaul Firefox using technologies from the web and very less of Android. The OS will offer support for Android Java native programming, however, Mozilla basically plans to restrict the overall influence of Android in order to create something really different.

So, if you are thinking why Android is being used at all, then you must know that Mozilla that has already championed HTML5 and is capable of doing some incredible things with it, the company feels that web technology has not reached a point from where their features can safely with the features offered by iOS and Android. Mozilla intends to utilize B2G to set standards for development of web applications. In addition to this, the project will also serve as a tool for promoting and encouraging even more web-based developments.

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Address 507 Lowland Drive
Cornell, IL
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