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 10/12/2019  BRG Jackpot Rodeo Series - Jackpot series $10,000.00 with money still being added in

Lincoln, AR

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the series will be going on through many events that will lead up to a $10,000 dollar jackpot 9/29/20 a complete saddle, bridle, breast collar plate all handmade leather and a buckle will also be awarded once we know the winners name and horses name it’ll be ordered and then mailed in. And those can be won throughout the series. There will be two saddles awarded. 1 to whoever has the most points, 2, 1st place winner 9/29/20 This event has a $500 jackpot and a $200 side pot. The barrel race for rodeo Queen is just “Rodeo Queen for the Series” and it awards 350 points automatically plus whatever points are awarded from each event entered on the 12th. extra points towards the saddle and prizes If the rodeo queen wins first place at other events she will get 25 points instead of 15 points. That’s limited to barrels. We only do the rodeo queen barrel race once per year. There is a discount on multiple entries into events - members pay half price on entires. And 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners entires are paid forward to the next event. The next event will have a $1500 jackpot and $500 side pot. It’s basically like a play day because there’s no bull riding etc. “yet” but definitely worth entering with a chance to win. Every side pot is matched to go into the 10,000 jackpot it will continue to grow till the end of the series with money added in.

Arena Lincoln Riding Club Rodeo Grounds
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Address 1205 W Pridemore
Lincoln, AR
Phone 4798716348 
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