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 11/15/2019  Chess event

Nashvilee, TN

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Description Looking for ways to exercise your brain? Try playing chess. It turns out that chess enhances your intellect in a big way. pay to get homework done service takes a look at 10 ways chess makes you smarter. 1. Chess Raises your IQ Many people think chess is a game for people who are already smart. This may be partially true, but a study of 4,000 students showed that there were significant gains in IQ scores for those who played chess for a period of four months. 2. Chess Decreases Chances of Alzheimer’s A recent study involving people who played board games, including chess, showed their odds of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia significantly decreased. Playing chess is like doing pushups for the brain, and seems to reinforce the maxim of “if you don’t use it you lose it.” 3. Chess Activates Both Sides of the Brain A research study showed that chess activates both hemispheres of the brain. Researchers thought the left side would be activated much more, but found that even the right side was activated. 4. Chess Increases Creativity Chess is thought of as a game of strategy and patience. Not many people would think chess increases creativity, but research shows it does. A four-year study followed pre-teens that played chess. It found that they scored high on creativity assessments compared to their peers who engaged in non-chess activities. 5. Chess Improves Memory There’s plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting chess’ ability to improve memory, but there’s hard evidence as well. Two separate studies conducted on 5th and 6th graders showed they made significant gains in memory functions as a result of playing chess. Students selected for the study had no prior knowledge or experience with the game. 6. Chess Increases Problem Solving Skills Ask any employer what the number one skill they look for in an employee, and chances are they will tell you they want someone who can solve problems. A study done on middle school students showed that the group engaged in chess on a regular basis outperformed the group that did not play chess on mathematical story problems. 7. Chess Increases Reading Ability Who knew that chess could make you a better reader!? A 1991 study showed that students who scored low in reading were able to increase their scores significantly by learning to play chess. 8. Chess Improves Concentration Chess requires great focus and concentration. The only way to improve concentration is to get plenty of practice. Chess requires you to concentrate for long stretches of time in an attempt to outplay your opponent. 9. Chess Increases Dendrite Growth Chess, as well as other challenging mental activities, promotes dendrite growth. Dendrites are branch-like antennas in the brain that pick up signals from other brain cells. That means your mind is “firing on all cylinders” and working at capacity. 10. Playing Chess Teaches Strategy and Critical Thinking The area of the brain responsible for planning, strategy and self control is the pre-frontal cortex. It just so happens that chess develops this part of the brain. 
Arena Agricenter Showplace Arena
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Nashvilee, TN
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